Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GRADUATION | a Short Film by Graham Powell

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The Story
When a young drug dealer’s ultimate test of allegiance to a crime boss goes horribly wrong, two detectives called to a crime scene watch the line between loyalties suddenly become a deadly blur.
Nico, the most notorious drug lord in the city has handpicked "Kid," an aspiring young dealer to become his protégé.  Kid has known no other life than the hustling scene he witnessed growing up -- a life filled with drugs and violence where success is measured by money, loyalty and respect.  By street standards, Nico is clearly on top.  To Kid and the rest of his crew, merely being acknowledged by Nico is a major accomplishment.  Being taken under the kingpin’s wing is the epitome of success.  But to prove he has the guts to graduate to the big leagues, Kid must first prove his allegiance to Nico. 

Veteran homicide detective Jonathan Sparks has spent years trying to take down Nico’s empire.  Sparks understands the street game all too well. Now he’s schooling his rookie partner, Detective Jeff Larson on what he’s had to learn the hard way: in the streets, the only rules that matter are those made by thugs like Nico, and you can’t always trust what you think you know.  When Sparks and Larson are called to investigate a homicide in what appears to be convenience store robbery gone wrong, a cruel and unusual twist proves that in the deadly game being played on the streets, you never know who’s playing for which team until it’s much too late.